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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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kenneth salzmann. documents reveal one partygoer brought in two 30 packs of beer. the teen told investigators that salzmann jokingly asked if one of them was for him. >> it's not a kiddie crime. it is something very serious. we hard about these consequences all the time. so parents need to have that family discussion. >> reporter: documents reveal ellis' blood alcohol level was a .09 at the hospital, two hours after the crash. later using a state police kit it was .07. for adults the legal limit for intoxication is .08. ellis also tested positive for marijuana and benzodiazepines found in medications like xanax. sam ellis has still not been interviewed by police because his lawyer has not allowed it. he is now expected to face two felony charges of manslaughter by vehicle.
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one charge is for the death of alex merck and one for the death of calvin lee. >> this is so serious. what about charges, if any, against the parent who was home at the time of the party? >> this is very unusual. kenneth is always machine is expected to be -- salzmann is expected to be charged with adult responsibility, that he knew or should have known that underage drinking was taking place in his home. he could face up to 25 separate charges. for both men the charges are likely to be filed in october and coming up tonight at 6:00 how investigators were finally able to get an extremely reluctant community to cooperate and how those kids bought all of that alcohol. >> let's hope this sends a message to other parents in other communities out there. >> finally. let's hope. so. police issued 12 subpoenas to social media companies including snapchat and twitter. those companies complied and provided snaps and tweets related to the party even those that were later taken down. >> wow. we've got some breaking news right now out of prince
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george's county where police have charged a 22-year-old man with the murder of his own mother. investigators say charles crockett beat his mother with a rolling pin during an argument and it all happened on holiday lane in bowie back on september 6th. the victim roberta crockett died from her injuries on wednesday. the relative who tried to stop the attack has been treated and released. more breaking news this time from kentucky where there are allegations the woman at the center of the gay marriage debate may have violated a federal judge's order. clerk kim davis spent five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. when the judge released her, you will recall he warned her not to interfere because she's deputy and not to interfere in the issuing of those licenses, but now one of the deputy clerks says davis removed her name and the name of the county from the forms. that could mean the altered
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forms would not be valid. d.c.'s gun laws under fire once again, today the u.s. court of appeals ruled the city cannot require gun owners to reregister their firearms every three years the court also ruled that gun owners cannot be required to make their weapons available for inspection or pass a test about firearm laws and finally the court struck down a ban on registering more than one pistol per month. other parts of the d.c. gun law were upheld like requiring gun owners to be fingerprinted and photographed and they must also complete a safety training course. sky9 over the scene of a brushfire in damascus this afternoon near power lines in a remote area between route 108 and suntown road. firefighters had to use four wheelers and tankers to get to the scene that. fire burned 4 acres and torched one of the four wheel water tankers. units from montgomery and howard counties assisted. no one was hurt.
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nearly 2 million people expected to travel to see the pope on his u.s. trip next week. it's a massive effort to get ready for his arrival in d.c. on tuesday. bruce leshan is live right now at the national shrine for the pope's much anticipated outdoor mass. how's it looking, bruce? >> reporter: it is looking good, bruce, check it it's on, the press riser alone 4,800 square feet. there is room back there for 390 tv crews to beam the pope's message around the world. they are rolling out the beige carpet for pope francis, 25 ticketed guests expected for a mass in spanish outdoors at the basilica. the co-owner at the production company who also set up the 2008 stage for pope benedict says he will be ready. >> this is our second one, about the it's still the pope, so obviously if you're not nervous at all, then there's probably something wrong. >> reporter: not that everyone
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is excited. congressman paul gosar of arizona who said he is a proud catholic will skip the pope's speech at the capitol. he says when the pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one, but at st. matthews cathedral where pope francis will worship with u.s. bishops they are rolling out a welcome banner. wendell wills, a street musician, who was panhandling out front said the pope's message for the poor and downtrodden is getting through. >> especially when you mention his name and everybody get on the same accord talking about the pope, yeah, it's nice. >> on our second floor of our rectory you can see john paul, ii. >> reporter: monsignor ronald jamison greeted john paul in 1979 when 18,000 people crowded rhode island avenue to see him. >> this time this will all be completely blocked off. >> reporter: but at the
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insistence of the secret service which has been planning for months this time the street will be closed to the public and all but the very luckiest -- you're hoping you'll be in the cathedral? >> yeah. that's my hopeful. >> reporter: it's your parish, so maybe. >> indeed, yes, yes. >> reporter: he's hoping. now the security mobilization for the pope is expected to be the largest in american history. pope francis' habit of stopping his motorcade and wading into the crowd is only making security officials more nervous, but, of course, that is one of the things that makes this pope so popular. live at the national shrine bruce leshan, wusa9. >> and we've been telling you about the traffic deal tours that will take place during the pope's visit. get a complete list of all the closures on our wusa9 news app. one local hospital is celebrating the historic visit by renaming their emergency care center. this morning providence hospital in northeast officially dedicated the pope
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france emergency department. today the house voted to cut off funds for planned parenthood's federal budget. the republican controlled house had no trouble cutting the purse strings by a 241-187 vote, but senate democrats do have enough votes to block it and president obama would also likely veto the measure. republicans have taken a stand against funding planned parenthood after secret recordings surfaced of organization officials describing how they obtain fetal tissue. the mother of two missing children from montgomery county appears in court and says she is mentally fit to stand trial, but the court disagrees. sarah and jacob hoggle have been missing just over a year and surae chinn was in that courtroom today. >> reporter: catherine hoggle tells the judge she is competent to stand trial while her medical report says otherwise. her own attorney is saying she's not qualified to determine her own mental state. >> she certainly has the
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ability to talk. it's the paronoia, the delusions, the schizophrenia. >> reporter: catherine hoggle's mother speaks with her every day and believes she is competent. >> she's made remarkable progress. i'm not going to comment on our conversations. >> reporter: for the past year the children's father troy turner and their aunt have organized searches for the children, 2-year-old jacob and 4-year-old sarah who went missing last september from gaithersburg. the children were last seen with their mother and the family has always believed catherine hoggle knows where they are. >> she's the fastest route to find out either what she did to my kids or find out where she put them. if we can find out where she put them, we can find out where they are even if they've been moved at this point. >> the family believes this case needs to go forward. they believe that there will be some magical moment that catherine will be able to relay some information as to the whereabouts of the children. i'm not so sure that that can
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happen. >> reporter: the couple has another son together just 6 years old who recently started asking one specific question. >> yesterday he said is there one person who can tell me where jacob and sarah are? catherine, you're that one person. >> reporter: another day in court and another day without finding sarah and jacob. catherine hoggle returns to clifton t. perkins psychiatric hospital for moray values. in rockville surae chinn, wusa9. >> now catherine hoggle is charged with abduction and with hindering this case and her next court appearance is november 21st. prince george's county hope the homicide survivor will help them find a gunman. police were called to a home near 23rd parkway and barnabas last night. they found a woman dead inside that home and medics rushed to a emergency shot multiple times in the hospital. we are working to find out his
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condition. the mayor of laurel, maryland, is calling on the state highway administration to fixtures a notorious intersection -- fix a notorious intersection where a machine was killed last night in a -- man was killed last night in a collision with a tour bus. it's a bad stretch of road with a reputation for being dangerous. scott broom is there live right now with more. >> reporter: this latest death is the final straw for the laurel mayor and the people who use this intersection every day. >> it's scary. >> reporter: it's the most dangerous thing katrina ingram does every day. >> i try to make sure the coast is clear before i even turn in to come to work. >> reporter: listen to kim walton talk about the confusion here. >> well, all day people coming in and out of there and then they're making a turn coming this way, that way and that way. >> reporter: this way, that way and that way. >> well, i mean all that's going on right there. >> reporter: these may be some of the factors that contributed to a chilling accident at the intersection of route 198 and
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the entrance to the dutch country farmers market in laurel last night. 45-year-old michael polomo, the driver of a pickup truck was killed, and seven on a tour bus were injured in an early evening crash, the bus apparently making a left turn into a shopping center with a popular buffet restaurant. laurel's mayor. >> the dutch market over here, there's a lot of pedestrians, parking lot fills up quickly and then people park over in this lot. they walk across. so it's not only about speed in the intersection, it's about watching the other individuals that, you know, are walking across the street. >> reporter: he wants the maryland state low administration to do something about it. >> part of the problem has been some of the signalsization. it's confusing to people. there's a lot of traffic that goes here. if you're not familiar with the intersections and people are always in a hurry and i think it gets very confusing. so hopefully they'll take a good look at it and see if there's some improvements that
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can be made. >> reporter: as the lady said, people are going this way, that way and that way. it's just a darn busy place. this is the third fatality on this section of route 198 since 2011 and as we all know, one is too many. reporting live in laurel, scott broom, wusa9. >> scott says the bus involved in last night's accident was on a tour to niagra falls. more evidence that synthetic marijuana is still very much a problem in the district. d.c. police tell wusa9 five people suspected of overdosing were taken to the hospital just this afternoon. their injuries are considered to be serious but not life threatening. earlier in the summer police chief cathy lanier attributed the citi' rising homicide rate in mart to the use -- city's rising homicide rate in part to the use of synthetic marijuana. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. internet for everyone, peggy fox shows us what's being done to make sure some of the poorest students in northern
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virginia get online access. >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt, another beautiful day. we'll talk about high school football. boy, this is about perfect really. it will be toasty to start. any 4:00 games already in play, 84 degrees and 81 at 6:00 and 74 by 8 p.m. we'll come back, talk about weather for the terps, redskins, d.c. out and also the pope's -- d.c. united and also the pope's visit. >> and right after the break we're live with more on
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is the kind of -- it's the kind of spectacle that keeps us glued to the skies, the preview of the high flying stunts to come. the thunderbirds will perform at the join base andrews airshow. service members and their families got a preview today. >> our debra alfarone was also there and she joins us live now with what you will see if you head out there tomorrow. hey, deb. >> reporter: hey there, lesli
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and bruce. yeah, i'm right now sitting in a helicopter. this was used in vietnam. now this bird is used to transport vips, got some people standing right behind jeff, the photographer here, making sure that i don't press this button, but boy, i really want to. anyway this is not just the star of the show. i want you to watch this. they zoom. they soar. they fly upside down. they interrupt interviews. >> i'm just sharing you with the family today. >> yes, i am. my neighbor -- were and they do flips that could make your stomach flip. >> i wouldn't like that because i would throw up. >> reporter: they're called america's ambassadors in blue and they are the world's famous thunder birds. >> every time i see them it's inspiring. >> reporter: today a preview of the big show tomorrow back after three years of budget cuts. lots of choice seating on shoulders today. >> the excitement.
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it's really for her, excitement to come out and have fun, family day. >> reporter: have you ever flown in a plane? >> no. >> reporter: would you like to? >> yes, please. >> we just wanted to bring the kids and show them the airplanes and have a family day. >> i like the ones that were like -- did that. that was a good trick. >> reporter: now the show is tomorrow. it starts at 9 a.m. you can see huey, the nickname for this bird right here, and a whole bunch of other aircraft. it is going to be pretty amazing stuff. we have all the information on our brand-new wusa9 app. i may hang out here for the rest of the night until they kick me out. we're live here at andrews air force base, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> keep your hands off those buttons. >> don't touch. there are a lot of things you can't bring into the airshow tomorrow and we'll have all of that for you on our brand-new
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wusa9 app. you've done your part that made things look pretty good today. what are you going to do tomorrow? >> duplicate it tomorrow. i guess a little warm for some folks, but lots going on, the terps, d.c. united tomorrow night and cooler sunday but still a very nice weekend. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, just gorgeous, 85, okay, dew points in the 50s and again if dew points are below 60, that's really fantastic. they're in the 40s which they were monday and tuesday, that's ridiculously nice. relative humidity only 38% and winds out of the south, southwest at about 9. so a great friday night, perfect for high school football. we'll have all the highlights tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00. weekend's cry. dry. showers are possible monday and right now looks dry and pleasant for the pope on wednesday. we removed the showers tuesday and wednesday, good news there. forecast for the burgundy and gold, partly cloudy, cooler on sunday, temperatures in the upper 70s, winds out of the north at 10. if you're going to tailgate
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early, it's a 1:00 start, temperatures will be in the low 70s, a little breezy sunday morning as well. cold front goes through saturday night late. on the futurecast 10:00 tonight we're 65 in frederick, 67 in gaithersburg, 68 in bowie and mitchellville, also in leesburg and 66 in manassas. speaking of our friends in loudoun county, we've got the bluemont fair saturday and sunday, great for the family, food, fun, games, 46th annual blue possibility fair -- blue possibility fair, check it out. 7:00 tomorrow morning cool, 60s to start. by the time the soccer games start with the kids low 70s, very comfortable, 10:00 on the futurecast and by lunchtime we're back in the low 80s with some sunshine and we get into the 6 p.m. hour. we're 84 downtown, leesburg and even up in hagerstown, so pretty warm saturday across the board. by saturday afternoon 7:30 fantastic. i don't see a shower really
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coming our way, 81 downtown, upper 70s to around 80 in the burbs. so for tonight clear to partly cloudy, comfortable, low temperatures in the 60s, winds turn south, southeast at 10. now by morning partly cloudy and pleasant. you'll need sunglasses tomorrow, 60 to 82 for temperatures by noon and by afternoon we're looking at partly cloudy skies, still warm, 84 to 88 on saturday afternoon. now the mountains to the beach, 79 in oakland, that's your warm day on saturday. you're going to be in the 60s on sunday. keep that in mind. mid-80s in winchester and also martinsburg, maybe even 87 in culpeper, i think pretty consistent leesburg, fairfax, manassas, probably about 85 and 85 downtown, 85 also in gaithersburg and 81 in annapolis, a great weekend to be on the water. the slight chance of a small craft advisory issued on sunday behind the front but not on saturday. so on the day planner 70 at 9:00, 77 at 11:00, 83 by 1 p.m.
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so on sunday a little cooler but nice, 78 and some showers on monday, 74 but right now not worried yet about a yellow weather alert day. next seven days, look at that, tuesday and wednesday dry for the pope, couple showers late thursday 80 degrees and a better chance of showers on friday. straight ahead why a lead investigator does not think army sergeant bowe bergdahl deserves prison time. >> and why some apple users are angry tonight. >> and more on the cheapest tablets amazon has to offer.
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if a watermelon patch pops up along i-95 south in north carolina, here's why. a truck hauling watermelons from raleigh blew a tire, the crash sending fruit flying everywhere. the driver suffered minor inries. no one was seriously hurt. yesterday's crash caused major headaches for evening drivers. wall street ended the week in negative territory. the dow lost over 290 points. the nasdaq dropped almost 67. today the obama
5:25 pm
administration issued new regulations that further ease trade and travel restrictions between cuba and the u.s. the new rules make it easier for u.s. companies to establish a presence in cuba. apple users are updating their mobile devices with the new operating system ios9, but reuters reports many customers say their devices crashed while downloading that new system and many of those people took to social media to complain, but we have not heard yet from apple. and the preorder is underway for the new 7-inch fire tablet on amazon. for just 50 bucks that tablet comes with a quad core processor, front a of rear facing cameras and 128 -- and rear facing cameras and 128 gigs of storage. tablets begin shipping on september 30th. new information tonight on the hearing to determine if u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl should be court- martialed for leaving his post in afghanistan. the army officer who conducted the investigation into the
5:26 pm
soldier's disappearance said bergdahl felt there was serious problems with the platoon's leadership. that investigator says he does not believe bergdahl should go to prison. a nurse testified that bergdahl suffers from extensive injuries from his time as a taliban captive and will need a lifetime of care. some viral video tonight of police roughing up a black teenager, what both sides are saying about the incident. >> plus it's what donald trump did not say when he could have said something that has everybody else talking tonight. >> and right after the break making sure that students from all backgrounds have access to the internet.
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can you imagine your child not having an internet connection at home to do their homework? that's the reality for thousands of children in the washington area including fairfax county. >> peggy fox has the story of take local ip executive who is fill -- a local ip executive who is filling that digital divide. >> reporter: the west potomac high school band paid a visit to bucknell elementary today to encourage them to pick up instruments and join the band. what these children need first is something other kids take for granted and use every day, a computer at home with an internet connection. >> to help me do my homework. >> reporter: right now most can only think about what they would do on a computer at home. >> to do science and do the experiments. >> playing math games and like
5:30 pm
going on to read. >> reporter: among the title 1 schools that feed into west potomac bucknell has the largest number, 80% of children on free and reduced lunch, which is a measure of poverty. >> what do you tell those kids? you should get a second class education because your folks don't have enough money to buy you complicated electronics? >> reporter: ibm executive don rippirt is a 1978 graduate of groton high school which closed and merged into west potomac. he saw my story highlighting the problem two years ago and decided to do something about it. >> i just would like to level the playing field a little bit for those kids. it just doesn't seem right to me. >> reporter: yeah, it doesn't seem right. >> i'm amazed it's even legal. >> reporter: rippert donated $25,000 christian relief services matched that to pay for computers and internet connections for students at bucknell. >> well, it's an opportunity for to us bridge the digital divide. a lot of our students know how
5:31 pm
to use computers because we have some that are available at school. these computers will travel home. >> reporter: the computers will be issued to all 4th, 5th and 6th graders and for those kids with no internet connection at home, they'll receive one year of free service through cox. don rippert is hoping others will follow his lead and bring computers and internet connections to the rest of the children in fairfax county who need it. in alexandria peggy fox, wusa9. >> doing the right thing. cox provides low cost internet connections to low income families, but many eligible families don't use it. to campaign 2016 right now where the political world is still buzzing about what donald trump did not say in the town hall meeting last night in new hampshire. >> okay. we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> trump didn't correct the man
5:32 pm
to say that president obama is not a muslim and, of course, he's an american. he also let the questioner's statement slide about islamic training in american camps. joining us right now is face the nation host john dickerson and, john, frump -- trump is getting a lot of criticism for not correcting that guy. what do you hear? >> well, he is getting a lot of criticism. we've seen instances before what the things he's said has gotten him criticism and his numbers have only gone up. so we'll have to see what the fallout is in this instance, but he has for a moment changed some of the rules of politics and so it's hard to predict how this one will play out. >> yeah. hillary clinton will be one of your guests this coming sunday. do you think she stopped the hemorrhaging going on in the polls? it looks like she now may be starting to have some fun, saw her on jimmy fallon the other night. >> well, she's certainly trying very hard to change the topic
5:33 pm
and also present herself in forums where she can be a little looser, offer a little bit more of her penalty and basically offer more of herself. she's been running a kind of conservative campaign so far and the whole point there is to present something that voters can find appealing or a forum in which she can talk about issues that they will find important in their lives. so we'll have to see how that plays out, but she's definitely in the thick of a new strategy. >> john, thanks a lot. looking forward to the program sunday. video of police in california roughing up a black teen has gone viral. >> police say he was jaywalking -- some say he was jaywalking, but police say he was doing a lot more than that. here he is being restrained and then nine officers take him down. police say the teen was walking in a bus only lane, refused to move, grabbed the officer's baton, but the family of the teen has filed a formal complaint against the
5:34 pm
department. a remembrance for the clarksburg high school student struck and killed by a train earlier this week. 16-year-old john dereggi jr. and his girl friend were posing for pictures in the moments before deaf reg i was hit monday -- dereggi was hit monday night near a marc train station in boyds. tonight at the football game dereggi's parents will be presented with a banner, balloons will be released and someone will perform a song. yesterday officers cited more than a dozen people, mostly high school students, with warning notices about trespassing on areas near train tracks. they say those trains can approach quietly and people wearing head phones are particularly at risk. straight ahead could you go a year without shopping? >> i could. you couldn't. >> i know. e'>> wre going to introduce you to 1 family that took that challenge. couldn't go a week probably. >> i could go a week. a year? >> plus new twist in the story of that teen arrested at school
5:35 pm
after his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. >> another great evening for baseball. we'll talk about the nats game, pretty much a must win again, first pitch at 7:05, temperatures starting in the 80s. by the time you leave the ballpark a very comfortable 72 degrees. we'll come back, talk about a cold front moving in tomorrow
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taking a look at tonight's trending stories. >> a georgia teen takes to youtube to criticize the white house for inviting that young man who was arrested for bringing a clock to school. >> cops are gunned down. you haven't invited their families to the white house, never did, but when a muslim kid builds a clock, come on by. what is this world that you're living in? >> who is that? that was cj pierson, the georgia 13-year-old has nearly 350,000 followers on youtube. now back to the texas teen ahmed mohammad, he will not be returning to the school that suspended him after his clock was mistaken for a bomb, but ahmed said he will accept the invitation from the president to come to the white house. >> a lot of people talking about that story on social
5:39 pm
media. this next story is getting a lot of clicks on >> so we asked the question about whether you could go an entire year without shopping and apparently the dan miller family of tennessee did just that. they did it, though, bruce, because they were trying to reconnect with each other. so here are the rules. mom, dad, a 5-year-old and 7- year-old can purchase things that will be used up within a year like groceries, gas or hygiene products but no clothes. they can fix stuff that breaks unless the repair is greater than the replacement costs and gifts must be in the form of a charitable donation or experience like dinner or going to the zoo or traveling. >> dad said it was challenging but not as hard as it could have been. the millers wrote a book about their experience. you can read more about their journey on the wusa9 news app. >> you hear about people who want to be more present in their lives. >> i'm just trying to get my
5:40 pm
kids to stop sending me text messages. they think three communicated if three sent you a text money. >> dad -- if they've sent you a text. >> dad, please send money. some disappointing news for fans of the who. the band postponed all its remaining tour dates including the november 1st show at the verizon center in downtown washington. the lead sing are roger daltrey has been diagnosed with meningitis. this night be our favorite video of the day. former president jimmy carter plants one on his wife roslyn on the kiss camera at last night's blue jays and braves game in atlanta, great to see mr. carter enjoying himself. we know he's been diagnosed with cancer. he's fighting this thing. the carters have been married for 69 years. >> they were a cute couple in the white house. >> and they still are. coming up in sports southeast d.c. still hits rock bottom on the field a few years
5:41 pm
ago, but now they're climbing back to respectability, dave owens with the comeback story from capitol hill. >> and after the break how more couples are using social media
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right now deputies in loudoun county are investigating the burglaries of three asian restaurants that could be related. the first one happened september 11th at the good fortune chinese restaurant in junctions plaza in ashburn. the suspects busted in through a glass door and removed money from a cash box. then wednesday similar burglaries at the king's buffet restaurants on cascades parkway and the hunan village restaurant in picadilli plaza. violent crime was a major topic on mayor bowser's appearance on the politics hour. to date there have been 111 homicides in the capital most of them happening east of the anacostia river. the mayor says it's going to take more than law enforcement to get a handle on this violence. >> we're also focused on not just the police issues, but the human services issues that can
5:45 pm
help our city be safer. >> the mayor says she will soon unveil her safe stronger initiative. it's a three-pronged approach combining policing, job growth and economic development in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods. itself better late than never, the silver spring transit center will reopen this sunday morning. it has taken five years to get here. problems with the concrete for the parking deck and then lawsuits between montgomery county, metro and the builders caused all those delays. the facility will link bus, bike and taxi riders to the rail station and it's set to open bright and early sunday morning around 4:00. weddings are a time for pictures and nowadays anybody can snap a picture with their phone. so couples are finding a new way to collect all those photos and document their special day with a wedding hashtag. corrine mitchell reports. >> we wanted our guests to feel
5:46 pm
they were part of the experience as well. >> reporter: the couple encouraged guested to take their own pictures and upload -- guests to take their own pictures and upload them to instagram. all the photos are shared together in a virtual community. >> that engendered a lot of positive reactions from everyone that was there. >> reporter: according to a recent survey more couples are marrying themselves to the trend creating catchy names so everyone can share memories of the day. 55% of couples say they've used a wedding hashtag to upload wedding pictures to social media sites. now some businesses want to be able to capitalize on that enthusiasm. dan lee is head of sales and instaprint, a company that rents out and prints out and posts wedding pictures in realtime. >> it's really a fun way to see the photos everyone else is posting. >> reporter: another site director agrees there are advantages to hashtagging but
5:47 pm
warns couples need to employer size some caution. >> when you encourage -- exercise some caution. >> when you encourage everybody to use it, you'll get the bad photos out there, too. so you have to be careful. >> reporter: having the hashtag made this couple's wedding day they say. >> it was overwhelmingly perfect. the maryland state ethics commission will now review former governor martin o'malley's furniture purchases. documents obtained by the baltimore sun showed o'malley paid just $9,600 for items from the governor's mansion when he left office. that furniture originally cost taxpayers $62,000. according to the washington post, the attorney general's office says the ethics commission just doesn't have just diction. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, -- have jurisdiction. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> it was a little hot for some
5:48 pm
people. >> evidently today. >> evidently. hold on. >> you're confirming that it was hot. >> well, it was warm, but when the humidity is 34%, that's pretty good. >> if you're in the sun, i'll give you it was a little hot today. wait till it starts getting cold. let's talk about a treat you can see outside tonight. look southwest. you've got saturn and you've got the moon and you do not need binoculars or a telescope. you can see that with a naked eye, a very spectacular site. it's just a waxing crescent moon and it makes it easier to see satellite picture radar combined -- saturn. this is a good function of how low it could get tonight, the low temperature and 38% humidity, when it's that low, you perspire, it evaporates
5:49 pm
and you stay cool. great friday night for the nation's classic at rfk, go bison and also for high school football. weekend dry, outdoor plans safe. some showers are possible monday, right now not worthy of a yellow weather alert day just yet and then looks dry and pleasant for the pope on wednesday. that would be nice. 10:00 tonight 60s, spectacular night, maybe low 70s downtown, by 10:00 maybe 58 or 59 in manassas and looking at temps in the low 60s in the burbs. low to mid-70s with sunshine 10 a.m. and by lunchtime fantastic, low to mid-80s across the board. futurecast is trying to develop a couple showers. maybe an isolated shower on the other side of the bay, don't think we'll see anything on the west side of the bay, mid-80s even by evening and by 8:00 we
5:50 pm
fall back into the 70s, very comfortable, clear to partly cloudy skies, another nice evening tomorrow night. okay. tonight clear to partly cloudy, comfortable, lows in the 60s, winds south, southeast about 10. by morning partly cloudy, pleasant. i would grab sunglasses, temperatur 60 to 82 and by afternoon another warm day, perhaps too warm for some, high temperatures 84 to 88 but still comfortable, wind south at about 10 and pretty toasty in the mountains, even oakland 79 tomorrow. enjoy that because you're going to lose 10 degrees on sunday after the front goes through. 85 even in cumberland, mid-80s in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester as well, 87 in culpeper and mid-80s in warrenton, manassas and into leesburg and fairfax. downtown i'm actually going to bump that up to 86 tomorrow i think, 85 in gaithersburg, 81 in annapolis, great day to be on the water. on the day planner 77 by 11:00 and 83 by 1:00. next three days, good, a few
5:51 pm
clouds tomorrow night. that's just with the front. it goes through dry. upper 70s on sunday, cooler at fedex, keep that in mind and some showers possible on monday, mid-70s. next seven days we took showers out of tuesday and wednesday, that's good. right now it's great for the pope. 78, 80 thursday, showers possible late, better chance for showers next friday with highs near 80. down forget to download our wusa9 app. it is stronger than ever, live weatheradar, 3-degree guarantee, extended forecasts, everything you need to know about the pope's visit as well. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> well, recently it's spent a few days at an eastern high school football practice and i saw a lot of smiles which was a good thing. that wasn't the case a few years ago.
5:52 pm
gent athletics were doomed at the -- athletics were doomed at the southeast school. things have gotten better. how? that's this week's high school profile. take a look. pride, capitol hill. >> not bad, tj. >> eastern high football. three words that fit if you know your district sports. sitting in the shadows of rfk stadium is a place known for gridiron greatness. just ask former player robert richards. >> the joke in the neighborhood at the time was that the eastern ramblers could beat the redskins. >> reporter: but that was then. more recently the school has gone through tough times and one 10 year period there were 11 different principals and city administrators phased out the student body starting over with only 9th graders in 2011. >> we only won one game and that was because of a forfeit and some of the kids that were in the 9th grade didn't even know how to put a helmet on. >> reporter: jason strickland has let a drum beat of change.
5:53 pm
last season the school won as many games, nine, as it had the previous decade combined. >> i can remember that first and second year it would really hurt the kids' spirits on some of those beatings that we took, but now we're on the other side of those beatings. >> reporter: case in point, last year's lower division championship completing the long journey back from ground zero. >> i feel like we can accomplish anything basically. we've got so much motivation for our whole team. >> good job by coach strickland there and you guys might know this. eastern high school back in the day, synonymous with great, great football. they were always in the state championship. >> a great football team, a great band. you went for the show. it was a great place to be. >> it's good to see them back. good for them. >> only one way to go and that's up. >> good story. thanks, dave. coming up at 6:00 republican presidential front runner donald trump is in
5:54 pm
trouble for something he didn't say and tonight the white house and other candidates are reacting. >> also ahead we'll go behind the screens at st. matthews cathedral where the famous d.c. church is getting ready for a visit with the pope. >> reporter: reading, writing
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
math, science and cbr, the live saving technique is now -- cpr, the live saving technique is now part of curriculum in many states. >> reporter: two years ago stacy suffered a seizure during her bath. her mom didn't know cpr, but luckily her big sister chloe learned the life saving skill at school two months earlier. >> my dad called 911 while he was pushing through my mom and i started just doing cpr. >> i'm lucky that she did. >> reporter: within a few minutes macy was breathing again. the american heart association is marking a major milestone. more than 1.5 million teens in the u.s. will now be trained in cpr as part of their school curriculum each year. new york became the 26th state this week topass legislation mandating cpr training as a high school graduation requirement. >> you check the victim. >> reporter: health instructor myesha thompson teaches hands on cpr to students at this
5:58 pm
washington d.c. high school. >> they notice if they did not have the correct land position that they had to readjust. -- hand position that they had to readjust. they notice how tiring it could be. >> reporter: more than 300,000 people go into cardiac arrest outside a hospital each year. only about 10% survive because they don't get cpr before paramedics arrive. chloe said cpr is a lesson all children should learn. >> if something happened like that to one of them or one of their family members, they should know what to do. >> the american heart association says bystander cpr if given right away could double or triple survival rates. right now at 6:00 republican presidential candidate donald trump under fire again, this time not for what he said but rather for what he did not say. >> a major update on a horrific crash in our area that killed two teens and a parent may soon face charges for being present at an underage drinking water.
5:59 pm
>> and a mission filled with great hope, pope francis is asking for prayers ahead of his upcoming trip to cuba and the united states. good evening. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm lesli foster. republican presidential candidate donald trump has called off a campaign appearance tonight and that cancellation comes just 24 hours after trump's lack of response to a comment about president obama that ignited another controversy. a question during a packed town hall meeting in new hampshire thursday has donald trump facing increased criticism for his lack of a response to a claim by one of his supporters. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> reporter: the gop front runner did not correct the man and say that president obama is not a muslim. republican and democratic opponents sounded off. >> he should have from the
6:00 pm
beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric. >> if someone brought that up in a town hall meeting of mine, i said now, listen, before we answer let's clear some things up and i think you have an obligation as a leader to do that. >> reporter: the white house responded. >> is anybody really surprised? >> reporter: the trump capital says the media is waging war on christians and that trump didn't hear the question. >> i'm not buying it because i think donald trump hears what he wants to and says what he wants to therefore. >> reporter: gop strategist craig hardin called it revealing. >> i think what it reveals is he does not have the ability to speak credible on another issue, on matters of national security and foreign policy. >> reporter: donald trump canceled a friday campaign appearance in south carolina citing a significant business transaction. >> and trump helped to fuel the birther movement in 2011 when he demanded president obama provide a birth certificate to prove that he was, in fact, born in the united states. the house today blocked a gop bill blocking federal


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